You may be interested in a serious piece of knowledge contained in a free White Paper entitled
The Role of Geo Data in Multichannel Marketing prepared by Data Scientist and
Ultra Precision Marketing Sciences Guru, Mr. Serge Grichmanoff.

It’s good to remember that we operate in a highly competitive environment where we have to strategize, theorize and forecast the best methods to convince clients to purchase our products and services while…at the same time, thwarting numerous competitors who themselves are also
competing for these same dollars.

We’re talking about a highly charged inter-correlated econometric ecosystem with a multitude of intertwined forces. This is where change in one force
will have direct effect on another.

So…. we simply cannot look at just one dimension of the problem such as customer sales — nor is it enough to simply augment this circumstance with socio-geo-demographic data………we must also include spatial, econometric, competition and cyber / social / internet data.

In order for our marketing efforts to be successful, we really need to establish the link between these data-sources; from the point of the earth ’s surface of a given address to the socio-geo-demographic data frames available to the nebulous and information framework of the Internet. And integrate all these points together such that we can
create an actionable marketing framework across all marketing channels.
So… if you would like to own a gold-nugget - comprehensive - how-it’s-done
knowledge package, this is it. It’s brilliant.

And, in cooperation with Serge, you can have it Free.

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Just fil in below and I’ll see that you get it.

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