In the course of its work, AARM may collect personal information such as the
name and address of an individual.
AARM operates on the basis of a Privacy Policy and related procedures that guide the
handling of the personal information it collects.
This Policy and related procedures comply with current legislation.

1. Use of this Web site

The use of this Web site is subject to the following provisions.
If you do not agree with these provisions, please discontinue the use of this Web site.

2. Information on this Web site

Information which includes all facts, data and other information, collectively the "Information" in the pages on this Web site is of a general nature, is intended only for informational purposes, is subject to change without notice and is not intended to be relied on by visitors as advice on any particular matter.

3. Accuracy of the Information on this Web site

The Information is believed to be accurate, complete and current when posted, but AARM cannot guarantee that it will remain accurate or complete or that it will be current at all times. AARM is not responsible for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, regardless of the cause, arising out the use of this Web site.

4. Accuracy of Information on Linked Web sites

This Web site contains links to other sites that may be of interest to our visitors. AARM has no control over the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information on these sites and does not endorse the sites or their products or services.

5. Copying Information from this Web site

The information on this Web site may be used or copied provided that it is used or copied accurately, not taken out of context, and that the source of the information is clearly identified. AARM is not responsible for the way in which the information may be used or copied.

Where applicable, information on this Web site is protected by the AARM's copyright interests.
AARM reserves the right to change, delete or add information at any time.

6. Accountability

AARM is accountable for all personal information in its control. Any questions about AARM's handling of personal information should be directed to AARM offices. Please see below for more information about how questions about AARM's handling of personal information should be dealt with.

7. How AARM Uses Personal Information

Identifying the Purpose of Personal Information. Before personal information is collected, the purpose for which it is to be used must be identified to the individual. AARM will not use personal information for any other purpose.

8. Consent

AARM does not collect personal information without an individual's consent.
AARM makes every reasonable effort to make sure that an individual understands how her or his personal information will be used.

An individual can withdraw a consent that has been given for the use of personal information. AARM will explain what the consequences are of withdrawing consent. For example, withdrawing consent to use an individual's name and address may mean that AARM cannot send information requested by the individual.

9. Limits for Collecting, Using, Disclosing and Keeping Personal Information

AARM limits the amount and type of information collected to only the personal information that is required to accomplish the identified purpose. For example, if personal information is given to enable AARM to send a booklet and if the individual does not want the AARM to keep personal information for the purpose of sending additional information, the personal information will only be used for sending the booklet and will then be deleted or destroyed. AARM does not use personal information for any other purpose without explaining to the individual the new use and obtaining a consent.

AARM does not sell, share or trade any personal information with others.

AARM does not disclose individual personal information to others, except if required in the course of fulfilling the purpose for which it was collected. For example, if an individual has ordered a booklet, it may be necessary to provide a fulfillment supplier or the post office with delivery information relating to the individual requesting the booklet in order to process the request. Or, if an individual has given AARM personal information in respect of raising a question about an Member AARM, it may be necessary, with the consent of the individual, to provide such information to the Member in order to consider the question raised.

10. Keeping Personal Information Accurate

AARM keeps personal information as accurate, complete, current and relevant as necessary for the identified purposes. An individual may challenge the accuracy and completeness of the personal information handled by the Council and have such information amended. For this purpose, please contact the Council Privacy Officer.

11. Safeguarding Personal Information

AARM ensures that personal information is stored in electronic and physical files that are secure. Security measures include secure locks on filing cabinets and restricted access to computers. A "cookie" is a piece of data that is stored on the hard drive of a computer that contains information about individuals. Other Web sites may contain "cookies" that accumulate information about individuals, such as the Web sites that an individual has visited.

12. Making Information Available about Privacy Policy and Procedures

AARM is open about its Privacy Policy and related procedures for handling personal information. AARM provides access to easy-to-understand information about the Privacy Policy and related procedures to individuals on the AARM Web site and in written form. Any questions about the handling of personal information by AARM can be raised with the AARM's Privacy Officer.

13. Access to Personal Information

At the written request of an individual, AARM will tell him or her what personal information AARM has about the individual, what it is being used for and to whom it has been disclosed. AARM may not be able to give an individual access to the personal information about her or him held by AARM, in which case AARM will explain the reason for this lack of access.

14. Questions

Any questions about the AARM's handling of personal information should be directed to
the attention of AARM's Privacy Officer at support@aarm.org.

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