More About AARM

We are totally dedicated to providing advanced knowledge for individuals and enterprises that
wish to understand and apply advanced concepts in Marketing Sciences.

AARM trainers with their many, many decades of experience, travel all over the planet providing advanced education to expand the knowledge of thousands of individuals in many countries and we provide OnLIne courses prepared by folks who are dedicated pioneers and leaders in multiple areas.

AARM gives people all over the planet the opportunity to network, and gain deep knowledge into Marketing Sciences,  Best Practices in Relationship Marketing, Relationship Management and, to be recognized via our unique P.CRM Certification and UPMS MasterClass programmes for their knowledge of all things pertinent to Marketing Success AARM provides a worldwide forum for the development, understanding and of the principles and disciplines of CRM and related areas.

Our international business community deals with relevant methodologies, processes, technologies and Best Practice tactical components.

Senior representatives from organizations in a wide array of product and service industries provide a unique forum for individuals wishing to understand and apply key strategic and tactical dimensions of Marketing. Whether you're an SME or multinationalnterprise, you stand to benefit from your association with peers and like-minded professionals and business owners.

We conduct Executive Intelligence Briefings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences worldwide and as produce OnLine - OnDemand programs featuring prominent authors and experts in the various topics.

We provide quality business education produced by experienced professionals to provide information, knowledge and insight to members in areas that include:

• The development of strategies
• Business processes needed to customize products and services for mass audiences

• The approaches to employ within a company to create and increase the focus on results
• Measurement techniques in areas such as share of individual customer's expenditures
• Real-time customer feedback problem resolution, customer satisfaction, and profitability
• Technology information in support of relationships and customization
• The management of customers to maximize lifetime value.

In summary, we benefit the business community by:

• Providing a forum for networking
• Professional development at meetings, seminars and conferences
• Encouraging the growth and development of the professional domain of CRM
• Facilitating the exchange of information
• Representing member interests with other organizations
• Conducting research and best practices reviews
• Providing members with relevant information about industry activities

The bottom line?

We help educate the business community with advanced knowledge in related subject areas and we provide a network of professionals to make contact and exchange knowledge that helps enterprises improve the bottom line.

We invite you to register with AARM (click here). You'll be joining a worldwide network of CRM Professionals through our virtual groups and you'll have access to special free video conferences throughout the year as well as significant discounts on conferences and other materials with our alliance partners. We will keep you posted.
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