What's the News on the GTLD Situation

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ICANN bungles data security on domain applications

4/30/2012 - Organizations taking part in the most ambitious expansion of the Internet so far will find out next week whether their applications for new domain names could have been viewed by competitors as a result of a software bug. read more. .

ICANN Pushes Off TAS/ New gTLD’s Off For 7 More Business Days, We Predict Big Reveal For May 31st

ICANN Pushes Off TAS/ New gTLD’s Off For 7 More Business Days, We Predict Big Reveal For May 31st 2012 April 28 by Michael H. Berkens According to a statement released by ICANN tonight, it appears the TAS system is at a couple of weeks away from being re-opened. Today was the day that ICANN promised a week ago it would give a date for the re-opening of the TAS system and for the Big Reveal. read more. .

ICANN Investigates Technical Glitch Exposing gTLD Applicant Names

The new generic top-level domain application system remains offline after a technical glitch ICANN discovered last week that allowed applicants to see file names and user names of other applicants. read more. .

Global Branding Ultimatum 2012

The advertising agencies of the world, from the beginning of the announcement in June 2012 launched a vicious attack against the gTLDs. Were they right? Yes. This advancement of domain name expansion seriously hurts the existing major brands, as most of their names are not stretchable on the global canvass. Why don’t they see this as a great opportunity for new business development and adjust their client’s name portfolios? read more..

gTLDs and the Future of Search: The Branded World on a String

Each name will symbolize inherited strengths for global expansion, crushing old branding rules and candidate to create market domination via name identity. This will be largest brand name identity adjustment revolution since the invention of the internet. read more. .

Good Names Shine, Bad Names Leak Profits

Every hour, every day, somewhere around the globe, a major corporation is desperately searching for a new name or new innovations, or about talking mergers and acquisitions, divestures, trademark conflicts or hush-hush under-court-orders issues. The fact remains that for any expansion-minded organization, a name is the most important part of business communication. read more. .

US Government Extends ICANN's Mandate to Manage IANA for Six Months.

A U.S. government agency has extended ICANN's mandate to manage assignment of IP addresses and management of top-level domains for another six months, because none of the bidders for the role met its requirements. read more..

New gTLDs: What to Expect in 2012


Tremendous anticipation, planning, and work drove toward 12 January, 2012, the day ICANN began accepting applications for new gTLDs. Whether you've applied or not, your next question might be: "It's after 12 January. What happens next?" Organizations who choose to apply to operate a top-level domain have merely begun a journey that will most likely carry them into 2013. If you're curious about the next phases of ICANN's New gTLD Program, here are highlights of what to expect. Read more . .

Will mother tongues divide global Internet experience?

Within the next five years there could be as many as five billion online users on the Internet. The world is overflowing with cheap technology and round the clock induction towards online living. Read more . .

Tower of Names

If you gathered all the names currently being used in business all over the world they would stack up like a mythical tower in some fantasy land, high and mighty, glittering and arching above the clouds, piercing the sky. There are 500 million business names in the world, ranging from very big to very small, super-active to barely active operations; these huge business name registrations of sorts drive the pulse of the global economy. Read more . .

How the Multilingual Web Creates “Glocalization”

When globalization of monster brands become entangled with the multilingualization of global cyber name identities, “glocalization” suddenly appears, and foreign name identities begin to emerge in local communities in different languages, creating massive customer touchpoints. Read more ..

Global image positioning & mega branding in the Middle East

Suddenly, perfect storms are developing on the global branding fronts; the top of the agenda is now ‘naming’ of the brands itself and how will the names survive the rapid changes of massive digitalization of social media where such name identities reside and skate to catch customers via global cyber branding. Read more . .

Market Domination via Name Identity

Global corporate nomenclature is making history, right now, as the ICANN gTLD platform opens in full swing; the established and largest name brands of the world are now pitted against the newest, recently incubated, globally poised but relatively unknown name brands. Read more . .

Name Brand Positioning & Market Domination

Suddenly, perfect storms are developing on the global branding fronts; the top of the agenda is now ‘naming’ of the brands itself and how will the names survive the rapid changes of massive digitalization of social media where such name identities reside and skate to catch customers via global cyber branding. Read more . .

With gTLDs, Global Branding Starts with a Name

The passage of time can be very cruel; last-century naming based on yesterday’s models has little value in these times, when ferocious digital cyber branding driven models are deciding global consumption patterns. more . .

CANN gTLD Will Not Work: Ten Reasons

A GTLD brand is not for everyone, structurally designed for powerful new ideas and established organizations around the world; however, following are the ten reasons why it may not work for you. more . .

The great domain revolution

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which runs the web’s Domain Name System is creating new domains that could be anything from .brand to .city.

The Corporation has already received 120 applications for new domains from transnational corporations, world capitals and various communities. The latter are proposing to generate separate domain zones like .music for music fans or .kids for children’s websites. more ..

Domain Industry: Predictions for 2012

I don’t really enjoy making predictions for the new year, so I thought I would get off easy this year and do the asking this time. I asked a number of domain industry colleagues and professionals if they would be willing to share a prediction (or a few) for 2012, and many people were kind enough to offer their insight. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you as you close out the year. more . .

Internet names expansion should be reviewed, U.S. senator says

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., asked U.S. officials to seek a review of plans to add hundreds of Web suffixes beyond .com and .org. The expansion by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers could cost “millions of dollars” as companies and groups buy Internet domain names they won’t use to prevent others from abusing their brands, Rockefeller said in a letter Wednesday to Commerce Secretary John Bryson. more . .

The gTLD Opera

The curtain rises on January 12th 2012 but key players are still singing different tunes. Let's peek into their performance as they start taking center stage. FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, has sent a letter to ICANN on December 16th 2011. more .

Delay on gTLD Program? Not Today

Recent attention from the U.S. Congress, as well as negative statements from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz, have caused some to speculate that the U.S. government will intervene to either stop ICANN’s New gTLD Program or delay its launch, currently scheduled for January 12, 2012. more. .

US Says it Will Not Block the New gTLD Program

NTIA boss Larry Strickling has come out in support of ICANN and its new top-level domains program, warning that its opponents “provide ammunition” to authoritarian regimes. Speaking in Washington DC yesterday, Strickling warned that organizations fighting to put a stop to the new gTLD program risk provoking a UN takeover of the internet. more . .

Is Your Brand at Risk?

Senate Calls Hearing on ICANN's Controversial Top-Level Domain Expansion Plan

Marketers Oppose ICANN's New Domains and Have Asked Congress to Take Action. more . .

Creative Vertigo - The Spin of the ICANN Branding Revolution

The answers are most probably hidden in your corporate vision, your name identity’s elasticity and its cyber mandates and lastly intellectual sophistication to cope with global marketing challenges. more . .

Bare Naked Brand Names

Last century business names were colorfully dressed with uniquely stylized lettering, colorful logos, slogans and contextual support. This century, such "stylized dependency" has been pushed over the cliff by neo-socio-mobile-media-lingo. They're stripped and typed in black and white text as soundbite-size "bare naked words," blending into chat lines alongside abbreviations and numbing-mumbo-jumbo. The majority of big name brands are losing their luster. Powerful imagery from the old newspaper era of double size full-page ads are replaced by typed words on small portable devices. more. .

Fear Factor: The ICANN Domain Revolt

When you begin to accept "one Internet, one world," it becomes very desirable to start thinking "one name, one owner" to achieve market domination. The force of the logo-slogan centric hammer coming down during most agencies' branding exercises precludes them from tackling global corporate nomenclature complexities. Name identities are never the ultimate drivers of image positioning in their world, but logos and slogans are. more . .

ICANN to Assign New Domain Names in Antigua

Antigua St Jon's - International domain name regulator, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will next year introduce generic top-level domains (gTLD) beyond the familiar .com, .org and .net.

In Antigua and Barbuda, ICANN representative, Dr. George Daniel is currently carrying out a sensitization program geared at informing members of the civil service, businesses and other entities on the new gTLDs which will bring about a new era in domain names, marketing, innovation and imagination. more . .

Cyber Name Branding - the ICANN gTLD Platform in India

A destination gTLD like dot-Delhi or dot-Mumbai would automatically create thousands of sub brands like, hotel.Delhi, taxi.Mumbai, work.Delhi or shop.Delhi. Each of these sub brands could be sold or rented out to highest bidders. Also thousands of standalone local brands would wish to become a sub brand under the city’s master gTLD like nirulas.Delhi, cp.Delhi or ansal.Delhi such brands will enjoy the benefit of being part of a larger .London brand hierarchy and find this domain an easier way to remember than the extra luggage their current domain names already carry. more..

Brands Spoil for a .Domain .Fight

This week, the coalition plans to deliver a petition to new Commerce Secretary John Bryson, laying out its case that the new system would burden brand holders, confuse consumers, and increase opportunities for fraud, identity theft, and cyber crime. more..

The Quick Demise of Qwikster – ICANN gTLD Approach

The superstar movie rental giant, Netflix rapidly graduated to movie streaming and suddenly splintered the old fashioned DVD movie rentals and created ‘Qwikster’, a separate division with a name identity inspired by the sorts of Twitter and Napster etc. When the outcry of customers reached the boardroom, the objections over account access, dual billings and having to deal with two separate unrelated name identities overwhelmed the management while the wisdom kicked in. more

Now Top-Level Domains Will Bring Opportunity, Headaches For Marketers

Later that day, Tom Foremski (Silicon Valley Watcher founder and contributor to ZDNet) correctly challenged my rather grandiose assertion in ZDNet:

"It's far too strong to call this "One of the Biggest Changes on the Internet in a Decade…"
A domain name has very little value unless it is used in marketing campaigns — it's the marketing that creates the value — not the domain name.
Also, Google is favoring large brands in its search results, so it's already discounting other TLDs that belong to squatters or small businesses… That means there's little value in terms of SEO…" more

Fear factor: The ICANN domain revolt

Some of the panic buttons for top established brands and their agencies are the eruption of ‘name fortification’ example, a Telco acquires ‘dot cell,’ ‘dot mobile,’ ‘dot call’ etc. and fortifies their current brand while creating a barrage of digital campaign against a particular well established name brand. In right hands a gTLD is surely a game changer. Imagine the colorful maze where hundreds of mega brands create their own ‘brand new stars’ and set the stage where galaxies start to collide. Sure this may happen as it did when first domain names were introduced. Old established brands were pulled out along roots. So many sectors got changed or wiped out overnight while far too many blossomed. As a global cyber name brand marketing weapon a gTLD can provide very powerful action. more

Liodice Kicks Off ANA With Battle Cry Against ICANN

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) convened its 101st "Masters of Marketing" Annual Conference on Thursday down in sunny Phoenix, where it was expected to be in the 90's on Friday -- but that's mild for Arizona. Things were a lot hotter indoors, as ANA CEO Bob Liodice kicked off the conference, the largest ever at 1,700 registrants, with a keynote taking aim at the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)'s massive domain name strategy. more

Deloitte, Canon and Motorola Nab Dotbrand Web Addresses

Internet real estate as we know it will change irrevocably on January 12th, when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) starts taking applications for its new Top-Level Domain Program. more

Full House for Annual Advertisers Conference

In his remarks to the conference general session, Mr. Liodice said, he planned to discuss subjects like accountability, online behavioral advertising and a proposal by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, known as Icann, to vastly expand what are called generic top-level domains, i.e., the letters that follow the final “dot” in an Internet address like “com,” “net” and “org.”

Marketers are worried that the proposal would result in a considerable increase in “cybersquatting,” Mr. Liodice said, as people rush to register terms like “soda,” “fly” and “auto.”n, he added, because consumers would be less likely to be able to recognize a safe Web address. more

The new domain names that will be a game-changer for brands.

Applications for a new generation of internet domain names open in the new year that aim to revolutionise search and beef up security. Can brands afford not to join the party? more

Are You Ready For One of the Biggest Changes on the Internet in a Decade?

What's Really At Stake In ICANN's Coming New Top-Level Domain System. more

GTLD: Netflix And The Difference Between A Pyramid And A Root

Superstar movie-rental giant Netflix rapidly graduated to movie streaming and suddenly splintered the old-fashioned DVD movie rentals business and created “Qwikster,” a separate division with a name identity seemingly inspired by the likes of Twitter and Napster. When the outcry of customers reached the boardroom, the objections over account access, dual billings and having to deal with two separate unrelated name identities overwhelmed the management. more

"The multilingualization of the Internet domain names offers colorful variations of cultural strings to connect people and expands the horizon on ecommerce while engaging customers in their local habitat. When masses of Chinese, Hindustani, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, French and Arabic get more involved with domain names in their own languages inviting hundreds of millions more online users, at each threshold, the Internet flow becomes more productive." Naseem Javed more

Why would a company change its name?

After years of work to build recognition, why would an established company change its name? more

Cutting Through The Fog Of GTLD War.

Why is the Association of National Advertisers, whose members spend $400 billion on their 10,000 brands, so violently opposed to ICANN’s new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program? Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the Association of National Advertisers ANA recently wrote an article titled “How to (Unnecessarily) Encumber The Internet And The Economy” in Forbes that is highly critical of ICANN but clearly missing the mark. This misunderstanding demands clarification as the fog is getting dense, more

Munich's New Domains Conference Reveals Urgency to Act Now.

The NewDomains.org conference held in Munich over the past two days confirmed three important insights for me; one: there is a large audience of brands and entrepreneurs who still have little awareness about the new Top-Level Domain program; two: those that are aware of the program and would like to participate are seriously behind schedule in preparing their application and strategy to submit to ICANN during the application window from 12 January to 12 April 2012. more

Who should run the internet? A plaything of powerful nations.

Internet governance is under attack; it may have to mend its ways to survive. more

Dot brand versus dot com: Internet domains go head to head.

Death sentence?: As brands are given the opportunity to have their own domains, could the dominance of .com be at an end? more

Generic TLD's: is it worth getting one?
Icann is opening up the web to top-level domains with any suffix such as .brand, .music or .london – and you can profit from them.

In June, Icann announced a program to open up the domain name space so that anyone could register any top-level domain they fancy. Run an international consortium of banks? Why not buy ".bank"? Like music? Why not buy ".music"? With the deadline of 12 January approaching, more of these initiatives are starting to come out of the woodwork more

Icann chief Rod Beckstrom urges organizations to 'get educated' on generic TLD's

"We've created rules to protect the industry, things on security and stability, the quality of the operators and intellectual property, more rules than for any previous [project]."

Organizations that want to own a new gTLD must fork out a cool $185,000, and even then are not guaranteed to be successful. But Beckstrom was keen to point out the reasons for such a hefty sum.

"People think that Icann is making a profit on the evaluation fee, but we're a not-for-profit," he explained. more

Icann chief made to defend new gTLD's at London debate

Beckstrom began by insisting there was a demand for the new gTLD's.
"Based on market feedback and forecasts, [the registries and web site owners] have a desire for new gTLD's," Beckstrom said, although he declined to give details.

Beckstrom did concede that the application process might be prohibitively expensive for individual web site owners, with some likely to be asked to pay as much as $500,000. more

How Much For That GTLD?

Is $185,000 the right price for a single gTLD? No, it’s definitely not. If a gTLD is supposed to provide worldwide exclusive use of a name identity with unlimited sub-name-brand-extension-domains, this amount is insufficient for ICANN to add on critical features in the same application process. more

London could get its own internet domain name

London & Partners, the official promotional agency for the capital, has said it is interested in applying for a 10-year license for the .london suffix.

It follows a decision by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) to increase the number of domain endings from the current 22. more...

Pricing of ICANN gTLD: too high or too low?

This is just how it was before the revolutionary assembly lines of Model T, now a century later we are again at the unassembled gTLD production lines, while cyber highways await the grand race of those magnificent folks and their high flying name identities. more

Time to Rethink Your Domain Name

For starters, a .brand domain will cost $185,000. Here are five key questions to help you decide if it's worth securing a brand-specific designation. more

U.S. Loosens Grip On ICANN, Domain Chaos To Follow?

The U.S. has relaxed its grip on the Internet, thanks to a new agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Widely hailed as an internationalization of Internet governance, the move could also make it more likely consumers will see a huge increase in Global Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). read more..

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