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Hello I'm Robert Stacey.

You are on you way to what I believe is one of the most exciting places on the internet. Exciting for businesses who understand the necessity for continuing education for employees and, an exciting place for people who are in the process of building a career.

Allow me to tell you why!

My own experience as a business educator began in the emerging IT/Technology/Mainframe "let's build and program applications as fast as we can because computer technology could save a lot of corporate dough" - era.

And so we did! We built great software applications and "saved a lot of corporate dough".

Having come through the journey of high tech software/hardware, managing all kinds of technical teams, then CEO of a Software Company, then CEO of a high-tech information processing marketing organization, I learned very quickly that smart people make smart enterprises. So in my organizations, I always made sure that the people in these organizations had Continuing Business Education.

You know what? It works!

Employees love it!

Why? Learning stimulates thinking, and more learning and more thinking. More smarts and more efficient business operations for the organizations wherein those smart people reside.

Over the years, I developed a passion for business education and went on to serve with a number of prominent industry associations as a director and in teaching business seminars. Over the years I had seen too many, too long, too dragged-out sessions and seminars. The process was painful, especially when you needed to get people up to speed and keep them on that sharp edge constantly

As the CEO of the organizations in my care, I knew what worked, so when the people at showed me what they developed that fast-tracked the educational process. I got very, very excited!

At last! Here is a place where a person can go online for high quality, fast-track business and professional educational courses at prices that are just great!

21st Century education at it's best. A place to pick and choose off the shelf.

Material that's been streamlined to what I call "hot knowledge packages." What you need to know, now! Fast and affordably!

Take my word for it, these are absolutely solid-content blended-learning courses designed and delivered for imparting knowledge to people quickly, simply and effectively.

ELSS Courses come with OnLine Facilitators for help if you need it. ELSS Courses do not require special software or technology. ELLS Courses are available on a worldwide basis quickly, easily and affordably priced.

Whether you are a business or career building person, I urge you to take advantage today of value priced education and sign up for courses today. You'll be glad you did!

Thanks for your time.

Robert T. Stacey
President - AARM

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