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Case Study - The Role of Geo Data in Multi Channel Marketing

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For this upcoming AARM Executive Intelligence Briefing Webinar we provide an executive level insight into the Art of the Possible in today’s Marketing Universe. The world of advanced AI. So, I have invited SGA - CEO Mr. Serge Grichmanoff to illustrate the Role of Geo Data in Channel Marketing.  He will show us a Case study illustrating the real story about how the 5:1 ROI was achieved.

That’s right, I said …… Five to One!

I believe that this fast-track webinar will provide actionable new insights into supercharging your data framework using GeoData coupled with other socio-geo-demographic sources and, how to create predictive models to evaluate performance as well as score and select prospect geographies for future customer acquisition programs.

The Webinar is free and takes place June 10th at 2 pm EST.

You can register at the following link.


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Robert T, Stacey
President – aarm.org
PS. I trust you will find it useful and I look forward to your comments.

PS. Who should attend?
Presidents, CEO's, CFO's, CMO's, CIO's, Business Unit Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs who are responsible for taking their innovation efforts to the next level. Leaders who are looking to accelerate technology innovation processes and, may have faced some sort of disruption from competitors and/or losing markets.

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