The Opportunity

Sponsorship in AARM presents marketing partnership opportunities for Teleconferences, Webinars, P.CRM Certification sessions, On-Line Events and other opportunities to get closer to your prospects. AARM events offer you an excellent opportunity to support business education while at the same time showcasing your services and products in front of key decision makers.

As an industry organization, AARM has objectivity and is able to attract a full range of senior level business decision makers, including those who tend to avoid serious discussion with technology and service vendors until they develop a conceptual framework that is logical and actionable. The AARM educational format brings the message to the customer and allows corporations to educate all of their key people and thus accelerate the decision to act. The resulting mind-share will favorably position these sponsoring/partnering companies in order to provide leading edge vendor organizations with a chance to take advantage of prospect/client marketing possibilities.

AARM has arranged for partner exposure to the AARM audience in several different ways at various levels of cost and opportunity depending on budgetary considerations. AARM is making partnership opportunities available to selected organizations who are considered to be best-in-class technology or services companies. These partners stand to benefit from the communication power of the local seminar forum and still gain significant brand equity nationwide. By supporting AARM in this endeavor, the partners will be part of the process that pro actively stimulates and educates the market.


AARM is hosting several exclusive events for business leaders. These important and timely events bring together a small group of thought leaders speaking to seminal issues facing the marketing community today. These are big-picture issues that challenge traditional practices and assumptions. They bring into focus, the impact of change on customers, business dynamics and technology. Each speaker will define the issue, propose solutions and engage participants in round table discussion of the implications, challenges, opportunities and strategies and provide the attendees with a clearer view of the new marketing imperatives of the future.

What’s in it for a Partnering Corporation?

A fundamental premise underlying the value of customer relationships is the concept of win-win. When customers recognize that a business acts not just talks in win-win ways, they gain trust in that company. With this trust in place they willingly shift from a price focus to sharing concerns and seeking advice on bigger picture issues. This is essential to accruing customer equity and increasing the lifetime value of customers. Therefore, your presence as a supporting organization for these business educational events will be helping to bring key learning to your customer. It shows your prospects and customer that you are indeed working to help their enterprise to success in a very important way. Knowledge about how to grow the business!

The Partnering Corporation will benefit in four primary ways:

a) The Partner will be acknowledged in all promotional communications including websites,
seminars, press releases, email campaigns and blogs.

b) The Partner will have a visible presence at the events in the form of acknowledgments, participation and logo exposure.

c) The Partner will be acknowledged in all event proceedings, and on post-event documents.

d) The Partnering corporation will accrue the reputation and goodwill as pro actively promoting win-win business relationships. Sponsors benefit even if they are one step removed from the event audience. They will be viewed as a forward-thinking organization that has invested in sparking business optimism, direction and renewed momentum.

Additional Partnership Benefits include:

• multiple degrees of contact opportunity
• a presence in the event handout material
• complimentary registrations and special rates
• personal contact and follow-up with registered delegates to the events
• the opportunity to appoint a facilitator to chair a table discussion during the event.
• multiple Signage at the event.
• presence on the AARM Website
• exposure in post-event proceedings

These events are by-invitation-only and directed at acknowledged business leaders in diverse industries who are positioned to influence other business leaders and the marketplace itself.

By focusing on a limited number of selected executives who opt-in, the events will maximize the impact.
A receptive audience with influence!

To find out more contact aniansummers@aarm.org

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