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Originating in the mid-nineties as The Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing,
AARM serves industry and commerce thoughtout the world.

 AARM is now a worldwide network of business associates and executives who are deeply involved in
CRM Education and it's related subject areas.

AARM trainers have been all over the planet
providing quality CRM Education to expand the knowledge of thousands of individuals in the
Customer Relationship Marketing arena worldwide.

We have major representation of 58% in the Senior Executive category and
42% middle  management who participate in AARM in some manner.

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Professional Certification in CRM?

You have come to the right place!

AARM created the original CRM Professional Certification Program
and industry designation (P.CRM) to which major organizations
have been sending key personnel for
Professional Training and Certification in CRM (P.CRM) for over two decades.

The P.CRM Certification designation is recognized worldwide. 

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brands with P.CRM professionals on board

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Over the years, the term CRM has become synonymous with Customer Relationship Marketing and
Customer Relationship Management.
Both are true. The marketing to, and the management of customers or clients and the ensuing relationships,
is crucial to success in virtually any company today.
AARM gives people everywhere the
opportunity to network, and gain knowledge into
Best Practices in Relationship Marketing, Relataionship Management and, to be recognized via our unique
P.CRM Certification and MasterClass programmes for their experience and practice of all things CRM.

We invite you to register with AARM (click here). You'll be joining a worldwide network of CRM Professionals through our virtual groups and, you'll have access to special free video conferences throughout the year and significant discounts on conferences and other materials with our alliance partners. We will keep you posted.
You will be notified when your registration is approved.

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