About Serge Grichmanoff

Formerly Vice President of Research and Development at the AIIM Group, Director of New Technologies for the Transcontinental Center of Excellence and Analytics Lead at Kodak's Center of Excellence, Serge is the President of Smart Guys Analytics, a leading authority in the application of integrated modeling techniques to multi-channel marketing solutions.

After a successful career as a statistician developing predictive models with Applied Marketing Statistics Inc., Serge became the Senior Research Scientist with the Institute for Market Statistical Analysis where he entrenched the concept of response and penetration models in place of generic segmentation systems.

As President of SMRT, Serge focused on establishing the concepts of relationship marketing within the Direct Marketing industry through the automation of complex multivariate analytics. This focus was extremely well received by the marketplace where SMRT tripled its customer base and net profit in under three years. During this time, Serge’s exceptional talents were enjoyed by the data intensive corporations in Canada. His proprietary software is the only boundless segmentation platform in Canada, and his segmentation schema had been implemented in two of Canada’s largest financial institutions. Serge had further leveraged his segmentation schema through the application of specialized predictive modeling techniques.

During the past decade plus, Serge has become established as an industry expert in workflow integration for Direct Marketing and Direct Response  applications: At Transcontinental, Serge was the core developer and team leader of the award winning “MCP” – an automated Direct Mail Software solution where he established a new business model of converging technologies of Internet, Call-Center, and Permission e-mail; At AIIM, he leveraged this multi-touch framework further through integrating geo-statistical analytics (data mining) with Direct Response, through a centralized relational data model – A complete CRM solution.

As CEO of  Advanced Decision Sciences, Serge has continued to develop his vision of an integrated knowledge driven, multi-channel framework. This framework provided the foundation of the Kodak's InSite Campaign Manager [ICM],  and with his leadership has established the industries first knowledge driven multi-channel marketing engine that is completely integrated with production.

Serge’s capacity in understanding the needs of the marketing industry has seen him play a crucial role in the restructuring and re-branding of several key corporations including Kodak's Interactive Group, Transcontinental direct marketing division [Transcon-Direct], RP Graphics and The AIIM Group [AIIM•Connect].

A natural speaker, Serge is often presenting at conferences throughout the world on 'How To' design, develop and deliver multi-channel systems. Serge has been a featured speaker with PODI and columnist with PrintAction and continues to be the leading authority on enabling data centric solutions for the Direct Response industries.

Serge has contributed considerable time and talent to also serving as R&D Director at AARM and in teaching what knows, all over the world. He is the major instructor and chief marketing scientist for the AARM Masterclass program on Ultra Precision Marketing Sciences.

Serge can be reached at 888 588 6442 or serge@aarm.org

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