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Robert T. Stacey - p.crm, cdp, ccp, p.bpm

After studying to be an electronics engineer for a couple of years, Robert decided that computer programming and software engineering was even more interesting. He started his career in Business Process Management. He then became a Software Engineer, building computer applications for companies in Transportation, Chemicals, and Supermarket Industries. He can program in several computer languages even today.

He became involved in the Direct Marketing business as a consultant to develop a plan to help take a major Book Division of a Multinational Publisher into a high volume growth phase. He orchestrated the application of Business Process Management and specialized IT applications to allow the company to run database marketing and fulfillment applications to significantly increase its business volume.

He became a pioneer in AI information processing for marketing purposes and founded and served as CEO of an Information Processing Services Company devoted solely to providing Big Data processing services to the Direct Marketing industry in Canada.

His company went on to become a leader and innovator in the field and introduced new and innovative CRM information processing and predictive modeling techniques to the marketplace. The company developed CRM applications for product syndicators and clients in Financial Services, Credit Cards, Retail chains, Publishers, Direct Marketers, and Energy-Company Product Merchandising.

Having spent much of his time helping marketers use information to sell more products, he decided to concentrate on the Relationship aspects of the business; he sold his company to a multinational service provider and began consulting to corporations and marketing agencies that needed expertise in Marketing Technologies to develop database marketing strategies and support systems He has much knowledge in many areas of industry including time spent with various Institutions on CRM Implementation.

Along the journey he helped pioneer many aspects of information processing and CRM and indeed helped co-invent the term CRM. He has written dozens of columns on the subject of Relationship Marketing in US and Canadian direct marketing publications. He’s taught the subject at industry conventions and seminars including the prestigious York University Faculty of Administrative Studies in Toronto. He also developed a course on the subject under contract to the National Post Office. He became involved with setting up CRM programs for a national clothing retailer while Vice President of a major advertising company. During that time he also developed CRM programs for a national Tourism Development program. At another multinational agency he developed Relationship marketing programs for a major subsidiary. His responsibilities included pitching new business and developing relationship-marketing programs for a major brewing client.

He was commissioned by a multinational bank to set up the Relationship Marketing unit. He introduced new methods of business processing and measurement to the Bank in order to leverage information about customers and prospects into viable Relationship Marketing programs. He was responsible for the development of Relationship Marketing programs and information processing methodologies to support the effort including neural net processing and leading edge predictive modeling for marketing campaign development and the implementation of Appreciating Customer Value (ACV) methodologies.

He served as Director of Relationship Marketing at a national retail chain and has served on the boards of several startup firms. He has found the time to helped engineer the success of companies in the publication and communication business. He has won the coveted Direct Marketer of the Year Award. He has also served as President of the Systems Planning and Development Exchange (SPADE), was Chairman of the Board of a National Marketing Association and served on the board of United Way in Canada.

Robert has facilitated executive workshops and other projects in a variety of industries in the US, Canada, the UK, the Middle East and the Caribbean for companies such as A.C. Nielsen, American Express, ATI Technologies, Aruba Tourism Authority, Avaya, Bell Canada, BMO Financial Group, BMW, Japan Finance, Canada Post Corporation, Carlson Marketing Group, CIBC, DuPont, Enbridge Consumers Gas, Environics Research Group, Envision Credit Union, Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investment, Forum Research Inc., Foster Parents Plan, GlaxoSmithKline, Grolier, IBM, IPSOS-Reid, LCBO, Microsoft, Miller International, Pennsylvania College of Technology, PostLinx Corp., Publishers Clearing House, Readers Digest, Rogers Wireless Communication, Sears, TD Bank Financial Group, TD Waterhouse Investor Services Inc., Toronto Stock Exchange, Toyota, Tourism Canada, Universal Studios, USC Education Savings Plans, The US Air Force, World Vision, and Xerox to name a few.

If you ask Robert what he really is now? He would likely say "Marketing Technologist" with a mission to make sure for the things that marketing wants to accomplish we are empowering those teams with the right tools and training.

With his extensive background in IT, AI and Marketing, he has volunteered and served as AARM's CEO since 1995. He has a passion for educating companies into the future and has dedicated much of his time and energy to AARM R&D efforts to help companies achieve greater prosperity, through even greater precision marketing methodologies.

Robert can be reached at 888 588 6442 or robertstacey@aarm.org

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