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Professor Paul Leow was involved in Customer Relationship Management strategies and training for brands like Ford Motor Asia Pacific, AMD Asia Pacific, Intel Asia Pacific, Volkswagen China, Shinhan Bank Korea, Community Chest of Singapore, Lucent Technologies Shanghai, Motorola Beijing, Telkomsel Indonesia and Singapore Technologies Group, Ciphercom USA, PostalBank Philippines, African Children’s Choir , Canadian Java Express Asia, Bayer CropScience Canada, Dow AgroScience Canada, Lexus Korea and Pizza Hut Korea.

He was one of the founding staff at Peppers and Rogers Group Asia. Before getting into management consulting, he worked at leading communication agencies such as Saatchi-Saatchi, J.Walter Thompson, Bates World-wide, McCann Erickson and Cheil Communications where he developed customer focused marketing and communication initiatives for Asia Pacific clients like MARS, Kodak, Air New Zealand, Samsung Electronics & Telecommunications, Green Giant, Pillsbury, Nissin Noodles and Glad Wrap.

Professor Leow has an MBA (Marketing) from Griffith University, Queensland Australia and in-depth knowledge in the areas of Mass Communications from Oklahoma City University USA.

He was an adjunct teaching staff at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Charles Sturt University Australia, and marketing subject examiner for Chartered Institute of Marketing U.K.

•    2001 - Ford Asia Pacific (based Taiwan) enterprise-wide CRM implementation
•    2001 - FAW Volkswagen China enterprise wide SAP CRM implementation
•    2001 - AMD Hong Kong PRM strategy, training and IMC implementationz
•    2001 - Shinhan Bank South Korea call center implementation
•    2003 - Canadian Java Express Vancouver franchising implementation
•    2003 - African Children Choir, Langley Donor centric IMC implementation
•    2004 - Telkomsel Indonesia pre-paid churn problems solutions
•    2004 - Dow Agro-Science & Bayer Crop-Science Alberta CRM trainings
•    2005 - Alexandra Hospital Singapore PRM implementation
•    2005 - Air New Zealand Sinagpore loyal program
•    2007 - Kookmin Bank Korea credit card single view customer project
•    2008 - CRM initiative at Nissan and Renault Malaysia
•    2009 - Motherhouse Japan CRM processes in Taiwan
•    2011 - Set up Tan Chong Technical Institute Malaysia Skills Based vocational school
•    2014 - Set up AARM presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Lebanon
•    2017 - Started enterprise wide CRM initiatives at Intiland Group Indonesia

Paul is not only passionate about CRM, he is by far one of the most capable practitioners on the planet. Paul is a major contributor and facilitator of the P.CRM Professional Certification program worldwide.

He is a highly capable teambuilder and facilitator.

Paul can be reached at 888 588 6442 or email drpaulleow@aarm.org

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