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As the CEO of a first and leading Industry Association in CRM … I would not want to leave this planet without sharing some important information with you. I truly believe this something you will want to know.

Here's the scoop!

Over the past several years we at AARM have been in involved in extensive R&D. We've been scientifically exploring and proving new concepts and methodologies in what we like to call marketing platforms and methodologies.

Collaborating with world experts in the field of marketing sciences...... w
e wanted to better understand the true value and scientific nature of data and the now art-of-the possible for acquiring and retaining and growing clients and customers. We included everything in the mix: CRM, Big Data, Small data, Good Data, Bad Data, Customer Journey, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, LTV, CLTV, ROI, etc, etc.

We thought... what if we could find a way to really take advantage of all the tech and methods out there and help improve on them all, invert some new ones and, then make the knowledge available to the AARM constituents.

I can report that the Research and Development effort was immensely successful and the results and are very, very impressive and .... in all my many, many decades in the field as a practitioner, (I am not exaggerating when I say), this the most important work I have ever had the pleasure in which to have played a part.

Over the past years we have compiled extensive documentation illustrating achieved results over a wide range of industries. This knowledge, could transform a company into a customer acquisition and relationship management profit powerhouse.
We have produced a methodology and educational pathway that will vital to success in the marketing environment today and tomorrow.

So.….. This is my personal invitation to you attend a short Executive Intelligence Briefing Video which informs top execs on how you can achieve incredible financial results through what we are calling UPMS - Ultra Precision Marketing Sciences.  Encompassing all the latest in AI, Analytics, Customer Journey, Big Data, CRM ……. this .... this is... the next major step in major corporate development.

Who should attend?

Presidents, CEO's, CIO's, CFO, CMO's, Business Unit Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs who are responsible for taking their innovation efforts to the next level. Leaders who are looking to accelerate their technology innovation processes, and may have faced some sort of disruption from competitors and/or losing markets.

This knowledge could define your future and the future of the organization.

Click below for the video of the Executive Intelligence Briefing where a couple of CEO’s can fill you in.

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