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AARM Launches a New Dedicated Career Site with Zylog

Zylog and the Association for Advancement of Relationship Marketing (AARM) have embarked on a new and exciting partnership that benefits all Job Seekers and Employers.

Toronto, Ontario (POST) June 11, 2013 – AARM’s constant support of its community has led to the creation of a dedicated cloud-based AARM Career Site that assists employers and job seekers with professional recruiting and personal career advancement. This new cutting-edge Career Site is the result of a new strategic partnership between Zylog and the Association for Advancement of Relationship Marketing (AARM).

AARM’s attention to the evolving Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) industry is clearly reflected in this new advanced tool that, with absolute regard for privacy and numerous added benefits for job seekers, connects employers and job seekers, with enticing advantages for both.

Thanks to Zylog’s vast umbrella of added values, AARM will provide job seekers with access to numerous benefits, such as:

¡  Access to niche Job Boards

¡  Set up Alert feature to be directly alerted of Matching jobs

¡  Flexible privacy features for confidential job application

¡  Save jobs for future reference, and more.

Employers can post jobs, find target talent and take full advantage of features such as:

 ¡  Competitive and Affordable Pricing

¡  Create and Manage Private and Confidential Account to manage Job Posting, Contacts, and more

¡  Automated Job Posting Process in Real time

¡  Job Seekers reach out to Employers directly

¡  Flexible Privacy features available for confidential Job Posting

“AARM is a worldwide network of business associates and executives who are deeply involved in Marketing, CRM and related subject areas.”1

About Association for Advancement Relationship Marketing
“Originating in 1996 as The Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Relationship Management - AARM, is a not-for-profit association serving industry and commerce.  AARM taps into thousands of individuals in the Customer Relationship Marketing arena worldwide with major representation of 58% in the Senior Executive category and 42% middle management.”2  AARM has also created the original CRM Professional Certification Program and industry designation (P.CRM) recognized worldwide.

About Zylog
Providing professional services and solutions with local delivery teams, Zylog proudly represents top talent in IT, Engineering, Health Care, Government, and Retail positions. As an application designer and developer, Zylog has introduced an Enterprise Social Media CRM to empower consultants, contractors, and employers with powerful HRIS supported by highly skilled recruiting and customer care representatives. by Zylog provides contractors with unparalleled services, benefits, training and personal development previously reserved for employees of Fortune 500 organizations. Zylog recruiters take a personal interest in independent consultants and the community.

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