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CRM is not just a fad. Rather, it affects the entire enterprise and all its stakeholders.

Learn how to plan CRM initiatives. Acquire the tools. Learn about the processes for planning CRM. Explore the impact of technology.

Learn about Best Practices. Learn how to link and align various groups and initiatives within the company.

Get practical examples on how to move CRM initiatives ahead. Establish strategic frameworks for CRM initiatives. 

Acquire knowledge about leading edge concepts.

AND .... Be entitled to use the designation P.CRM after your name.

Participate in ongoing upgrades available only to certified graduates (P.CRM Alumni).


Anyone who is interested in career advancement and learning about the latest strategies and direction of CRM should attend this program OnLine OnDemand.


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Established in 1995, AARM - The Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Management a not for profit Association - has a track-record in CRM education and training.We are the certifying organization of and for professional CRM managers. The certification program was originally created in 2001 to meet the requirement to have a standard by which persons involved in Customer Relationship Management could be educated, measured, accredited and recognized according to criteria of experience and capability established by their peers.AARM certification is more comprehensive than those offered by technology firms and has no technology bias, whether for specific vendors, their solutions or technology in general. Our focus is on the Customer Relationship Marketing/Management aspects and whatever it takes to improve it, including technology but also including other areas for strategic and tactical consideration.


1.to establish a common core curriculum for CRM professionals; and

2. to provide assurance for employers that individuals certified, understand and have demonstrated competence in the core curriculum.


Attaining the CRM designation is based on educational background, work experience and the completion of a multi-part curriculum. The on-line P.CRM Certification session agenda follows a learning path that provides for leveling the playing field of required CRM knowledge. The sessions are divided into separate yet integrated learning experiences by senior executives on the mentoring team for each particular session.

OnLine coaching is available during the course itself but not the exam.

Students apply for CRM certification and are accepted based on the applicability of their credentials and the alignment of their expectations with the program's learning objectives.

The professional accreditation (P.CRM) conferred requires that delegates do indeed receive and benefit from the intended learning and that AARM can objectively confirm that this learning has taken place.

We conduct executive level examinations OnLine following the conclusion of the sessions to confirm that the P.CRM learning objectives have been achieved. The examinations include multiple choice questionnaires as well as reviews of key questions and issues from the program in an appropriate manner. Passing grade is eighty five percent. Tests are scored and, upon successful completion attendees receive a certification in CRM that certifies capabilities and knowledge at the executive level. The P.CRM designation is conferred and the graduate is entitled to all the benefits of CRM certification, including the use of the professional P.CRM designation after his or her name.

To continue the dialogue with delegates and to ensure that the P.CRM retains current value, periodic workshops and OnLine meetings are held as post graduate sessions to refresh knowledge, obtain feedback from the field and introduce new concepts as they emerge.

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This intensive CRM training and certification program is in response to a marketplace need for an independent certification authority to provide assurance of an understanding in the concepts and application of CRM. Since 2001 we have graduated hundreds of executives through the program. The program provides CRM understanding for those who require some technical CRM knowledge and those who manage or relate to such people in their companies.

The core curriculum of the program is based on module contents listed below. Sessions are prepared by instructors who are chosen for their particular experience.

The general path for certification is as follows:

*    Introduction to CRM - Redefining - Demystifying
*    CRM Business Strategy - Planning and Developing
*    Relationship Marketing - The People Perspective
*    Relationship Management - The Process Perspective
*    CRM and Sales Management - Internal Relationships
*    Managing Research - Knowing your Prospects and Customers
*    Building the CRM Business Case
*    Managing Loyalty
*    Creating and Managing Relationship Lifetime Value - Measurement
*    Harnessing the CRM Power of Data
*    Your Company's Future and CRM
*    Making it a Reality

This Professional Certification Program is available as an OnLine OnDemand service that delivers the full competency-based certification experience! It's available where you want it and when you want it in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn at your own pace.

Developed by professionals for professionals, this program gives you immediate access to the training you need. All you require is an Internet Connections and a Browser.  The OnLine OnDemand program covers the same content as the Face-to-Face program.

Your total time for the entire course will be about 15 hours plus approximately 60 minutes for the final exam section. This accelerated program is designed especially for those who learn quickly online. The program comprises a number of modules and a compendium of presentations, exercises and assignments which may require an additional 10 hours of reading and learning depending on the learner.


All you need an internet connection. The course can be taken at your leisure. You can sign on as often as you wish.over a period of 60 days if necessary. (Extent ions granted if required). Or, you can finish as fast as you wish. The average time required will be approximately 16 hours. Some people complete the program in a couple of days.

You will have access to a live facilitator for any assistance you need during the course.


You may take this course Online On Demand at any time of the day or night 24/7 Starting the minute your registration is approved. A day or two at most.


The Online Certification training presentations are done by by a handpicked group of senior executives who have years of experience and work in the trenches in making CRM happen. They know the ropes, they have been-there-done-that, they know the obstacles and the solutions, they know how to coach and communicate. These are men and women with a passion to share knowledge and mentor fellow executives through the CRM journey. Together they ensure that you will be enlightened when you complete the program.

To register, please contact our Registrar - Anian Sommers at at 888 447 7740 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or pay online with PayPal or any major credit card and we will contact you to provide the necessary codes to access the course materials. Just click on the Register Now button below.

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  Acquire knowledge about leading edge concepts.

AND .... Be entitled to use the designation P.CRM after your name.

Participate in ongoing upgrades available only to certified graduates (P.CRM Alumni).

1. The same great content as in the regular P.CRM Certification Program.

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