To - AARM PCRM Certified Trainers (Indonesia)

From – AARM Canada

Date – August 1st 2017

Please be informed and feel free to pass the word around in Indonesia and the near region, that as from September 1st 2017, there be NO exclusive partner to our AARM PCRM program in the region (except in South Korea and Middle East)

Bob and I like to sincerely thank so much to Aina and her great team (especially to late John) for all the work done for the last three plus years and with so much room to “keep and grow” the brand AARM PCRM for the next 5 years and beyond. We started well with AARM Canada Telkomsel/Telkom own contacts, then passed to Aina to close our first AARM PCRM certification series. The rest were lovely history and with a blessing now we even have you all as our certified AARM PCRM trainers in Indonesia.

AARM Canada have decided to open to you all (ONLY) to work as individual or as group or via Aina or Kum or Ari business’ entities to grow AARM PCRM in Indonesia and the region

AARM Canada ONLY needs –

  1. 1.AARM Canada Toronto approval before start marketing the program
  2. 2.To mark the on-line exam (any re-sit will be charge)
  3. 3.To sign your printed certificates
  4. 4.To manage all past and present certified members by end August 2017
  5. 5.To provide main trainer at a fee (work together on the materials)
  6. 6.Costs

-        USD 250 per certified certificate (excluding courier charges). Min 12 and max 24 participants per class. Payment to reach AARM Canada two days before start of class. Their AARM PCRM only certification will last for two years, with further extension upon attending a key AARM regional annual event.

-        USD 100 per re-sit

-        USD 1200 per day for Dr. Paul Leow (Head of AARM Canada faculty) for two days training. To be paid at the start of the class. Plus min. three nights hotel accommodation, return flight, local transport and food. Must be supported by one of AARM PCRM certified trainer, at a fee agreed among yourself. The local trainer can conduct the third day themselves.

The rest of the costs in making it happen will be borne by you, plus your set value-added pricing and intended profits.

Please help and we are very sure that Aina and her great team will be around to advice any of you too. As, for me, I will around, if needed, in Jakarta regularly to support our latest AARM PCEM program exclusive Indonesia channel partner.

AARM Canada will be contacting all AARM PCRM certified members soon, once we get all the re-confirmed names and detail from Aina, and Bob (and a senior AARM Canada member) will meet them in Jakarta early Dec this year in an event.

Sorry for the lack of communication and now we are taking back from Aina’s team. Thanks for the patience and Bob will see you in Dec this year too for some face to face chat.

Please contact me as soon as possible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on next steps and how we can move ahead together to a profitable future. Feel free to contact Robert Stacey too if needed, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Take care

Yours truly,

Dr. Paul leow


Faculty & Consulting

cc. Robert Stacey – President, AARM, AARM Canada board members