After being certified, you’ll be able to participate in ongoing upgrades
available only to P.CRM Alumni and, you'll be entitled to use the professional designation
P.CRM after your name, an indication of having acquired the
AARM International Executive level professional designation in CRM.

Get in on the P.CRM advantage.
Ensure you’re seen as a Professional - (P.CRM)


"The informal structure allowed for great interaction with the other participants, as well as the presenters. We didn't just follow a preset agenda, we were able to discuss issues that were relevant to us in our everyday work environments - overall, a very worthwhile experience."
SJ - Major financial services organization

"I appreciated the opportunity to get exposed to the fundamental elements of CRM. I also appreciated the opportunity to hear from experts about the more detailed aspects of CRM and how they play out in the real world." - EDC

"I found the course material very well presented. I learned a lot and, more importantly, accomplished my objective of learning the how-to of CRM. Thanks again."- Xerox

" Great session! The interaction between the group was the best learning."
U.S. Air Force.

"As a great believer in continuous learning, I have participated in many learning forums. I give the P. CRM program top marks!" - CD - BMO Financial Group

"The P.CRM program is the perfect introduction to the objectives and scope of CRM and is ideal for all managers who need to understand, in simple but comprehensive ways, the "big picture". I was impressed that the focus was kept on "management" and "practical applications" rather than theory and technology.
Highly recommended!" - KM - CRM Research Solutions

"Very interactive and engaging." - Carlson Marketing GROUP

"The P.CRM sessions were targeted to marketing and management executives, although I'm sure technologists would benefit from the course as well. Uniformly excellent, the presentation materials comprehensive, and the content was advanced - nothing basic or introductory!"

"Unlike many "educational" programs there were no sales pitches or sponsoring companies. The P.CRM course is ideal for those contemplating, or in the midst of, CRM efforts. I would recommend it!" - FA President. ScanSave LLC

"Great, I really Learned a lot!"

"Great presentations on the implementation of quick programs which immediately impacted sales. I would recommend this course to Marketing professionals interested in data mining, customer retention, and customer loyalty.
- MP - Director Marketing



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