Can AARM Membership Help Make You and Your Organization More Effective?

Let's find out. In today's world, marketing has evolved into a multi-channel multi-dimensional process for building and cultivating relationships between your company as well as current and potential customers. AARM works to represent your interests, educate personnel in your organization and keep you informed of the latest trends and best practice to help you make the right strategic and tactical decisions.


AARM was originally created in the mid nineties to satisfy the demand for an industry group to focus on the art-and-science of Relationship Marketing and related activities such as Direct and Interactive Marketing. Since then, AARM has become one of the largest business networks focused on the development, understanding and communication of the principles and disciplines of these related business activities on an enterprise-wide basis.

The AARM business community today comprises hundreds of individuals from across the Fortune 1,000 companies as well as small and medium sized businesses.

AARM provides the industry designation P.CRM to (Professional in CRM) to graduates through our professional certification program which, we believe, represents the very best in executive education in the CRM field.

Our graduates include bright minds from countries all over the world from major financial institutions, insurance companies, publishers, retailers, charitable organizations, agencies, relationship marketers and those involved in e-business and Internet marketing to name only a few.
These are representatives from organizations in a wide array of product and service industries who believe that AARM provides a unique forum for those wishing to understand and apply key strategic and tactical dimensions of Relationship Marketing.
We promote industry growth, development and educational activities and, we provide our constituents with Networking, Executive Intelligence Briefings, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and other business-growth activities.

So, do we think AARM Membership can help make you and your organization more effective?

We think you will agree. It can and will.

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