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We have such a person available with extensive experience in Customer Relationship Management, Database Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Loyalty Programs in Communications, Telecom and Retail Sectors.

He has experience creating Best Practice Customer Strategy for acquisition, growth and retention. He's built highly effective and enduring teams with value creation focus.

Has a multi-disciplinary background in customer strategy, analytics, and enabling technologies.

He's a solutions-based thinker with a strong collaborative spirit and highly responsive service orientation.

Available for the Toronto and GTA area only.

Contact Robert at AARM at 416 561 6841 in confidence for further information


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As the not-for-profit Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Management - AARM, we provide quality business education produced by experienced professionals that provide information, knowledge and insight to members in areas that include:

  • The development of CRM strategies
  • Business processes needed to customize products and services for mass audiences
  • The approaches to employ within a company to create and increase the focus on CRM
  • Measurement techniques in areas such as share of individual customer's expenditures
  • Real-time customer feedback problem resolution, customer satisfaction, and profitability
  • Technology information in support of relationships and customization
  • The management of customers to maximize lifetime value

In summary, we benefit the business community by:

  • providing a forum for networking and professional development at meetings, seminars and conferences
  • encouraging the growth and development of the professional domain of CRM
  • facilitating the exchange of information
  • representing member interests with other organizations
  • conducting research and best practices reviews
  • providing members with relevant information about industry activities

The bottom line? We help educate the business community in CRM related subject areas and we provide a network of CRM professionals to make contact and exchange knowledge about this exciting discipline that helps companies improve the bottom line.

The AARM strategic alliance partner in the Middle East


 CRM is not just a fad. Rather, it affects the entire enterprise and all its stakeholders.

Learn how to plan CRM initiatives. Acquire the tools.

Learn about the processes for planning CRM

Explore the impact of technology. 

Learn about Best Practices

Learn how to link and align various groups and initiatives within the company.

Get practical examples on how to move CRM initiatives ahead

Acquire knowledge of leading edge concepts

AND .... Be entitled to use the designation P.CRM after your name

Participate in ongoing upgrades available only to certified graduates (P.CRM Alumni) 

 Established in 1996, AARM has a two decade-plus track-record in CRM education and training. 

We are the certifying organization of and for professional CRM managers. The original (and continually updated) certification program was originlly created in 2001 to meet the requirement to have a standard by which persons involved in Customer Relationship Management could be educated, measured, accredited and recognized according to criteria of experience and capability established by their peers.

AARM certification has no technology bias, whether for specific vendors, their solutions or technology in general. Our focus is on the customer relationship and whatever it takes to improve it, including technology but also including other areas for strategic and tactical consideration. 



A.C. Nielsen Company, ATI Technologies Inc., Aruba Tourism Authority, Avaya, Bell Canada, BMO Financial Group, BMW Japan Finance Corp., Canada Post Corporation, Carlson Marketing Group, CIBC, Department of Defence, DuPont, Enbridge Consumers Gas, Environics Research Group, Envision Credit Union, Fidelity Investment, Forum Research Inc., Foster Parents Plan, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, IPSOS-Reid, LCBO, Microsoft, Miller International, Pennsylvania College of Technology, PostLinx Corp., Rogers Wireless Communication, Sears, TD Bank Financial Group, TD Waterhouse Investor Services Inc., Toronto Stock Exchange, Toyota, Universal Studios, USC Education Savings Plans, US Air Force, US Department of Defence, World Vision, Xerox and many other Fortune 2,000 companies.


The route to certification follows a learning path that provides for levelling the playing field of required CRM knowledge within the group itself. The sessions are divided into separate yet integrated learning and discussion experiences with senior executives on the mentoring team who have been handpicked for each particular session.

Attendance at all modules is required and active participation in the program is expected to qualify for certification.

The professional accreditation (P.CRM) conferred requires that delegates do indeed receive and benefit from the intended learning and that AARM can objectively confirm that this learning has taken place.

We conduct examinations online following the conclusion of the sessions to confirm that the P.CRM learning objectives have been achieved. The examinations include multiple choice questionnaires as well as reviews of key questions and issues from the program in an appropriate manner. Tests are scored and, upon successful completion, attendees receive a certification in CRM that certifies capabilities and knowledge, the P.CRM designation is conferred and the graduate is entitled to all the benefits of CRM certification, including the use of the professional P.CRM designation.


This intensive CRM training and certification program is in response to a marketplace need for an independent certification authority to provide assurance of an understanding in the concepts and application of CRM. Since 2001 we have graduated hundreds of persons through the program. The program employs a common core curriculum with specific modules tailored to the needs of those in attendance in the areas of cases or applications. The program provides CRM understanding for those who require some technical CRM knowledge and those who manage or relate to such people in their companies.

The core curriculum of the program is based on module contents listed below.
Sessions are comprised of instructors who are chosen for their particular experience.

The subject matter covered includes:

CRM Concept & Philosophy
• Customer & Customer Strategy
• Understanding Customer Value and Behavior
• 3 Value Disciplines
• CRM Definition & Philosophy
• CRM Benefits

CRM Ecosystem & Business Process
• Operational CRM
• Analytical CRM
• Collaborative CRM

CRM Framework
• Get, Keep & Grow
• IDIC Methodology
• Customer Lifetime Value

Managing CRM Implementation
• CRM Project Management
• Integrating CRM & Corporate Strategy
• Planning the CRM Initiatives
• Organizing & Controlling
• Deployment & Going Live
• Post Implementation

Technology and Infrastructure

CRM in Action, Best Practices Case Studies

Social CRM and Beyond CRM

• CRM Technology


The In-Person Certification training is conducted by a handpicked group of senior executives who have years of experience and work in the trenches in making CRM happen. They know the ropes, they have been-there-done-that, they know the obstacles and the solutions, they know how to coach and communicate.

These are men and women with a passion to share knowledge and mentor fellow executives through the CRM journey. Together they ensure that you will be enlightened when you complete the program.

Our Head Facilitator - PROFESSOR PAUL LEOW - P.CRM

Professor Paul Leow was involved in Customer Relationship Management strategies and training for brands like Ford Motor Asia Pacific, AMD Asia Pacific, Intel Asia Pacific, Volkswagen China, Shinhan Bank Korea, Community Chest of Singapore, Lucent Technologies Shanghai, Motorola Beijing, Telkomsel Indonesia and Singapore Technologies Group, Ciphercom USA, PostalBank Philippines, African Children’s Choir, Canadian Java Express Asia, Bayer CropScience Canada, Dow AgroScience Canada, Lexus Korea and Pizza Hut Korea.

He was one of the founding staff at Peppers and Rogers Group Asia. Before getting into management consulting, he worked at leading communication agencies such as Saatchi-Saatchi, J.Walter Thompson, Bates World-wide, McCann Erickson and Cheil Communications where he developed customer focused marketing and communication initiatives for Asia Pacific clients like MARS, Kodak, Air New Zealand, Samsung Electronics & Telecommunications, Green Giant, Pillsbury, Nissin Noodles and Glad Wrap.

Professor Leow has an MBA (Marketing) from Griffith University, Queensland Australia and in-depth knowledge in the areas of Mass Communications from Oklahoma City University USA.

Dr. Paul is not only passionate about CRM, he is by far one of the most capable practitioners on the planet. Dr. Paul is a major contributor and facilitator of our P.CRM Professional Certification program and teaches the program around the world.



Dates and Cities. (3 days) to be announced.

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COURSE COST $1,500 USD - Register on our Wait List and Save $ 200. 

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contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a phone number where you can be reached or call us at 416 561 6841.

Read The Importance of Certification 




AARM Consulting Services 

Often times we get asked, do we provide consulting services for people who want to move ahead quickly with CRM.

The answer is yes, on a global basis.

Due to our global coverage we have a network of organizations and people skilled in
training and implementation of CRM Methodologies and it's various components who likely can help you.

So if you need help, send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a brief description of
what you would like to do and we'll let you know if we can help.



The Importance of P.CRM Professional Certification

Professional certification can be found in almost every industry today.

Certification helps employers evaluate potential new hires, analyze job performance, evaluate employees, select contractors, market services, and motivate employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. Certificate holders benefit too. Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement. There has been an explosive growth in professional certification.

As science, technology and management practices change at an ever-increasing rate, a gap is formed between the foundation provided by an academic education and the technical and management competencies required in today's technical and business environment. Professional Certification Programs in various fields were established to bridge this education gap.

A person’s achievement of Professional Certification, documents his/her expertise and recognizes his/her personal commitment to their professional development. Additionally, AARM provides a strong collective entity through which individuals are rewarded financially and professionally.

The AARM Certification Program provides breadth and depth in the full range of technology needed to perform in a CRM environment.

Because the PCRM program is job focused and independent of job setting, employers and their customers can be assured that an AARM Certified Professional has mastered the full range of skills required to be successful in complex environments.

Professional Certification helps a persaon gain practical skills for the job, as it focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities. You realize maximum benefit from a wide range of expertise areas.Learn all aspects of a specific type of career pursuit while also providing organization with a standard of assured excellence from these professionals

Effectively integrate these career pursuits into one’s specific work setting. Build Leadership Skills!

You can increase your personal effectiveness in CRM areas as well as general technical management and project management.

The Professional Certification provides a vehicle that equips you with key skills and talents to be internationally recognized and be seen as a “thought leader”.

You become more effective. When one undertakes the Professional Certification program, it becomes part of his/her personal training program. This person acquires the skills needed to be competitive in the open job market. Undertaking studies in an internationally recognized professional association such as AARM with global membership, gets you around the world as it is globally recognized by employers/recruiters.

AARM maintains permanent records of individual course and exam completion. Diplomas/Certification of Professional Certification are awarded to Certified Professionals as tangible recognition of their achievement.

Where does one begin the Certification Process?

Attend the course and take the exam.

Receive your exam results and Certification Certificate.

A minimum score of 85% is required for certification. A petition for re-examination can be filed and is encouraged for those not meeting the minimum score.