As the not-for-profit Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Management - AARM, we provide quality business education produced by experienced professionals that provide information, knowledge and insight to members in areas that include:

  • The development of CRM strategies
  • Business processes needed to customize products and services for mass audiences
  • The approaches to employ within a company to create and increase the focus on CRM
  • Measurement techniques in areas such as share of individual customer's expenditures
  • Real-time customer feedback problem resolution, customer satisfaction, and profitability
  • Technology information in support of relationships and customization
  • The management of customers to maximize lifetime value

In summary, we benefit the business community by:

  • providing a forum for networking and professional development at meetings, seminars and conferences
  • encouraging the growth and development of the professional domain of CRM
  • facilitating the exchange of information
  • representing member interests with other organizations
  • conducting research and best practices reviews
  • providing members with relevant information about industry activities

The bottom line? We help educate the business community in CRM related subject areas and we provide a network of CRM professionals to make contact and exchange knowledge about this exciting discipline that helps companies improve the bottom line.

The AARM strategic alliance partner in the Middle East